Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Welcome to the first blogger post for SkinPathOnline

Welcome to the first blogger post for SkinPathOnline

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the inaugural SkinPathOnline blogger post. The blog will keep you up to date with the latest in all aspects of skin pathology (dermatopathology) including laboratory techniques and interesting articles that might be worthy of a read.

I will be posting weekly (time permitting) so everything should be fairly current. Please don’t hesitate to send any questions, queries, comments, whatever you feel like, to my email address (feedback@skinpathonline.com).

Also my website (www.skinpathonline.com) will be up and running in the near months. It will be a great site for anyone involved in histology from laboratory technicians, medical scientists, to pathologists. It will be a place to -  learn diagnostic tips, discuss techniques (eg. what worked and what did) and absolutely anything else. So keep an eye out and I will let you all know when it goes live.

PS – don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@skinpathology)

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